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The Sleeping Beauty

Take a bow the Helmdon Bridge Players.
Take a bow the Helmdon Bridge Players.
The Sleeping Beauty, a traditional Pantomime by Norman Robbins, was expertly choreographed and directed by Bryony Worthy, her debut as a director! Well-done Bryony for rising to the challenge and taking us all on!

Dave Bridger as the amorphous Dame Ammonia went down a storm cultivating the audience rewriting the script on a nightly basis and entertaining us all with ad-lib so that every performance was a revelation! He was brilliantly cast alongside Neil Smith as the court jester Tickles. The pair had us all thoroughly entertained. They certainly kept Val Smith the prompt on her toes! I am not sure which version I preferred!

The royal couple were Wiggy (Karin Smith) as the dizzy Queen Semolina and Matthew Sleath as King Cedric the long-suffering husband.

Vanessa Vicars as the good Fairy Azuriel played an excellent foil for the dastardly wicked fairy Carabosse (the least said about her the better). I certainly preferred Vanessa's makeup, infinitely more flattering.

Dame Ammonia Goodbody and long-suffering love interest Tickles.
Dame Ammonia Goodbody and her
love interest Tickles.

Fusspot played by Richard Pamment finally got his accent sorted to portray the fumbling Chamberlain and once again got the role off to a fine art.

The dancers had choreographed their own dance to perform the insect ballet, which was supported by the lighting and special effects team. The overall effect was stunning and a credit to the girls for all their hard work. Chloe Lovett played her first Bridge Players acting role as Sleeping Beauty and played a beautiful principal girl. Barbara Cox and Felicity Dyndor as Shout and Bawl the two Heralds performed a great double act delivering their very corny lines with aplomb!

Kathy Quiney, Jane Brown, Louise Stothard and Kim Lovett performed miracles once again with their skills with brush and makeup sponge.

Gareth Dean, John Plunkett, Mark Underwood and Jamie Stothard rose to the occasion to play as the band. They created a lively atmosphere and kept us all going when silence prevailed.

Paul Underwood, John Coatsworth and the backstage team once again supported us all with an ancient churchwarden staff, a few branches and one or two interesting seating arrangements. The team also supplied the obligatory bangs and crashes in almost the right places. Phil Bridger, Mark Underwood and Sam Blackwell demonstrated their skills in sound effects and lighting to bring the whole performance to life.

All much fun and a super group of people to work with. A great production!

Report by Sue Blackburn.

As a special added extra this year we have an interview with a cast member!

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